Language issue

Ok, I'm not english...that's true. I come from Catalonia and catalan is my mother tongue but, as I said in the introduction, I want to improve my english skills so I'll try to post in english. I say: "I'll try", because for sure that this will be full of grammar errors.
That's not exclusive, so I want to post stuff in catalan too and maybe other things can be posted/replied in castilian. Feel free in in that sense, always that people make themselves able to be understood.



Why Wellington?

A wise man (many thanks Guy!) let me see that the name of the street where I was gonna live comes up from the name of a famous person in U.K., even a hero maybe. So I will start from here.

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
, was a British soldier and statesman, widely considered one of the leading military and political figures of the 19th century.

Wellington commanded the Allied forces during the Peninsular War, pushing the French Army out of Portugal and Spain and reaching southern France. Victorious and hailed as a hero in England, he was obliged to return to continental Europe to command the Anglo-Allied forces at Waterloo, after which Napoleon was permanently exiled at St.Helena. Wellington was victorious over Napoleon and the French at each of six major battles, confirming his place as one of history's greatest generals and strategists.